About Us

HOPO means Homes in Portions. Hopo Homes represents the youth of today and understands the problems of a bachelor when he/she decides to shift from one place to another. The founders of the company had actually faced these problems when they finally decided to shift to Dubai for a Job. Absence of a dedicated service for bachelors or non-availability of standardized predictable rooms at the most affordable prices or inappropriate and outdated Ads or lack of trust among landlords were some of the problems which we faced but the list of issues is long.  Thus, whether it is selecting the right home in a new city or facing any cleaning or maintenance issues while living at home, Hopo aims to take care that you feel at home away from your home.

We take true pride in being the first company in UAE to provide ready to shift standardized furnished and semi furnished houses for executive bachelors, spinsters’, students and singles at most affordable prices. We focus on ensuring that every house that we provide through our portal have certain minimum standards defined by Hopo Homes so as to provide you a predictable quality living at most affordable prices. Because we believe bachelors and singles can also start living.

 Hopo Homes Experience Living…….