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June 30, 2023

3 Types of Bachelors from the Cast of Friends You Can Relate To

3 Types of Bachelors from the Cast of Friends You Can Relate To

The smart, the shy, the sarcastic, the romantic, the immature, the cheater, and the loyal: these are just some types of guys. But we can’t really categorize men because men are pretty different from each other. We’ll highlight three types of men based on the much-loved TV series, Friends. Let’s use the three most popular characters. You can either be a Chandler, Joey, or a Ross. Read on to see what type of bachelor are you.

Chandler Bing: The awkward, yet sarcastic guy.

He is basically the epitome of dude awkwardness during their 20s. He’s very terrible at flirting. If you’re a bachelor who’s scared of commitment and utterly incapable of handling adult emotions, you’re probably a Chandler. Unless you have a Monica (a mature woman who’s capable of making her own decisions) who holds your hand through the process, you’re going to be in trouble. The first time Chandler proposes, Monica laughed in his face and told him “You’re not ready for this.” Without any grumble, he agreed. He’s commonly mistaken for being gay. On the other hand, Chandler’s sarcasm made him everyone’s favorite. There’s just something about this emotionally underdeveloped man-child who manages to display humor as a defense mechanism and as his bachelor lifestyle.

Joey Tribbiani: The humorous, lady’s man.

He’s the funny guy who loves food (particularly, sandwich). But bachelors like him are what women dread all men are the same – they’re in the business of seeing every woman as a prospect. Joey is naturally masculine. And he’s mostly concerned with two things: food and sex. Without restrictions, he discards women after luring them to bed. But what’s great about Joey is that he’s always ready to offer help to the rest of the group. He’s comfortable in making conversations even though sometimes, his talks don’t make sense. As he thrives on human interaction, Joey becomes a highly extroverted guy who’s always full of energy. If you’re a Joey, women can easily fall for you. Your bachelor lifestyle is possibly exciting, yet you can also be dangerous to women.

Ross Geller: The good man.

Ross thinks he is more mature than the other guys. Perhaps he is. He’s the introverted guy who’s somewhat shy, especially when interacting with the woman he likes. He is remarkably thorough and he remembers particular details about people. He highly regards loyalty. He’s also the emotional guy who tends to make decisions with his heart. He’s the conservative guy with traditional ideas of what a man-woman relationship should be. With his best efforts though, he still keeps getting failed relationships. If you’re a bachelor who likes things in order and harmony, perhaps you’re a Ross. Thus, it’s no surprise that you’re highly agreeable. You’re basically a good man with a normal bachelor lifestyle. Just be careful at giving your trust and generosity away and you’ll be good.

Men may fall into one of these three categories. Maybe not exactly every disposition, but you can pretty much relate to these characters. But just as seasons change, your personality and outlook in life also change.

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